Cash Management Account

What you'll need

Opening a Merrill Edge self-directed Joint Cash Management Account® should take less than 15 minutes. We will ask you to provide some personal information for the Primary Applicant and each Co-Applicant including:

  • Social Security number and date of birth 
  • A valid mailing and email addresses 
  • Employment information (including company name, address, and start date)
  • General financial information (such as annual income and household net worth)

If you have this information, or are an existing client with a user ID and Password you can use to pre-fill your application, you're ready to continue.

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Merrill Edge self-directed investing is intended to be a fully-electronic, internet based brokerage service. This means that all notices, statements, disclosures and other information regarding this service and your account will be sent to you electronically via or to your last designated email address.

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